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It's Easy to add MIDI music to your website !
It is best to have a music console on your page so that people can turn the music on or off as they desire. Just remember, that the console will look different depending on what media player your visitor is using, i.e., MSN Mediaplayer, Quicktime, etc.
To make a console that looks the same size as the one at the top of this page, just place the following code on your page where you want the console to appear.
<embed src="music.mid" width=145 height=60 loop=true autostart=true>
{This code will work with BOTH Netscape and MSIE browsers}

Then change "music.mid" to whatever MIDI song you want (but make sure you have uploaded it to your website server!) and now your site has music !!

P.S. If your site is on AOL and your're using Easy Designer, there are easy instructions located on AOL on how to place music on your site.

1.) Changing the height and width dimensions will change the size of the console.
2.) If you don't want the music to start automatically, change "autostart=true" to "autostart=false".
3.) If you don't want the song to loop endlessly, and just want it to play once, change "loop=true" to loop=false".

See ! I told you it was easy!

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