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Get your original MIDI graded!
I'm sorry. Due to time constraints, this site is no longer grading orignal MIDI music at this time. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Please check back later to see if we have resumed grading. Thank you.

Get your original MIDI graded! I know what you have to go through to get your hard-worked MIDI songs recognized. You submit them to a contest, wait over a month, and then, if you're lucky, you might win something. I've done it, and even won some awards. But my grading is NOT a contest. You're not in competition against anyone else except yourself. I, and at least one other judge, will "grade" your MIDI compositions from A to C. And if you make the grade, you'll be sent a small award, suitable for display.

Some general requirements before we get to the criteria:
1.) The MIDI you submit must be an ORIGINAL composition. It will be assumed that all material submitted to this site is owned and copyrighted by that particular artist.
2.) You can submit any musical style of MIDI, but to insure that it sounds as it was intended, please make sure it is in General MIDI Style 0 or 1. I can't guarantee what sound card it will be listened on, but it will be at least a wavetable compatible soundcard, along with a full 5 speaker surround sound - subwoofer speaker system.
3.) Please submit only 1 (one) composition per artist, per week. This will allow timely evaluations of all submissions.

The criteria are below:


Structure - 10 points
Is it coherant?
Melody - 10 points
Is it present?
Rhythm - 10 points
Is it coherant? Are there tempo changes?
Harmony - 10 points
Are there progressions? Key changes?
Instrumentation - 10 points
Choice of instruments / textures
Dynamics - 10 points
Changes in velocities and phrasing


Realism - 10 points
Can you imagine musicians creating the sounds?
Expression - 10 points
Using controllers to affect intensity
Balance - 10 points
Individual instruments/ sounds in relation to others
Intangibles - 10 points
Does the piece have "It"?


The Grading Scale
A+   95 - 100 points
A     88 - 94 points
A-   82 - 87 points
B+   75 - 81 points
B     68 - 74 points
C     59 - 67 points
less than 59 points - not rated.
Please cut/paste the following info onto your email
Artist's Name:
Website URL:
Song Name:
Song Category: (i.e., Jazz, Techno, etc.)
Description of Song:
Click here to email me

Depending on my schedule, please allow 7 to 14 days for an evaluation.

PRIVACY POLICY: This web site does not gather personal information. Information is gathered only by email, is submitted voluntarily, and is collected only for the purpose of determining winners of the awards. This information will never be sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties. To assure compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, you must be age 14 or older to apply for this award. *Your MIDI file will be deleted once reviewed. Please make sure you keep a copy!*

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