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Here are my FAQs

1.) Do I have permission to use your original music?
Yes, if you download it. As stated in our site Disclaimer you have our full permission to use any and all of our original music for either private or commercial use. A recognition link back to our site would be greatly appreciated, but please don't directly link to any songs on our site!

2.) Do you have any arrangements of popular music?
Those nice companies BMI, ASCAP, and Harry Fox feel that MIDI arrangements of popular songs violate copright laws. You can check out my popular song arrangements here.

3.) Do I have permission to use your arrangements of popular music?
These song files are provided for informational, educational, entertainment, and review purposes only, i.e. for personal and private enjoyment. They are
NOT to be sold or used in a public performance (i.e a commercial website) without the written consent of the author and the owner of that song's copyright. As stated in our site Disclaimer, we are not responsible for any copyright infringements you may face. And please, don't try to avoid any responsibility by directly linking to a song on our site. That is not proper.

4.) Do I have permission to link to your site?
It depends!! By all means, feel free to link to my homepage! But please don't link to any of the songs unless you have my permission first. This especially pertains to those e-mail signatures which are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to link to a song, please ask first!

5.) Do you allow e-mail signature links?
It depends!! If you are a mass-mailer, no. If you just use email normally, I might let you link to my songs. But please ask first!

6.) How do I download, or save a MIDI file?
It's easy. Just click here to learn more.

7.) Hey! This MIDI music sounds bad on my computer! What's going on?
I'm sorry, but it happens, and it's due to multiple reasons. Just click here to learn more.

8.) Can you compose or arrange custom music for me?
I'm sorry, but due to current time constraints, I do not have enough time to properly compose or arrange any custom music at this time.

9.) How do I put MIDI music on my website?
It's easy. Just click here to learn more.

10.) Is there a way to convert WAV files to MIDI files?
Not at this time. There are however, commercial programs available that can convert a monophonic audio file to MIDI. This would include any instrument that can only play one note at a time, but chords can not be interpreted by the programs. Of course, if you have any information to the contrary, please let me know!

11.) Is there a way for me to take CD music and convert it into a MIDI file?
Not at this time. There are currently no available programs that can determine which instrument is making a particular sound. Therefore it not possible to reconstruct the sounds into a MIDI file. Of course, if you have any information to the contrary, please let me know!

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