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Bob's Mighty MIDI is truly a team effort. For without the support of my wife and our little guy, I wouldn't have any time at all to devote to my site and music.

This site and my music are strictly hobbies, and started a long time ago. I have a varied musical background starting as a kid, when I learned to play piano, trumpet, saxophone, and clarinet (not necessarily in that order). My parents encouraged my attempts at music, even buying me a top-of-the-line sax. So I played in the usual school bands, jazz bands, and marching band. I won an occasional award, and even cut a record when I was in the All-County band. But the music fizzled out in college.
One day, after years of not playing anything, my wife (who plays piano) and I decided to buy a full-size keyboard. That's when it all came back to me. All of the musical knowledge that I had learned. We soon upgraded the keyboard, and then I started using a sequencer to lay down analog audio tracks and made simple (8 channels into 2 tracks) analog tape recordings. At that point I was hooked on sequencing. Around that time, we had also upgraded our computer and got speakers for the first time. It was then that I discovered MIDI. And instead of analog recording, I could do multi-track, multi-channel digital recording that sounded almost professional. Since then, I have accumulated a large collection of songs, both originals, and sequenced pop songs. Now I felt that I had a large and varied enough assortment of songs to place on the Internet, but didn't know the first thing about website programming. So I picked up a book on HTML, designed a small site, and placed it on the web back in 1999. Since then, after reading many more books and tutorials, and running through at least 7 distinct versions of this site, it has finally evolved into what it is today....a small site! But, hey, it's my piece of the web, and you're welcome to listen to it.

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